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Obesity And Diabetes Rates In The Gulf- A Cause of Great Concern

A stunning video where single minded devotion, and perseverance changed this young lady, from being obese to a healthy weight person. You can find the transformation of this amazing woman in this video. Just watch it, and you will be glad you did.
Obesity rates in the Gulf
I read about the weight issues, to be exact- the mounting obesity rates in the Middle East on CNN. It concerned me a lot, because I live here too. The report reads that diabetes rates are staggering in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.
The CNN report says that, according to the International Diabetes Foundation 37 million people are suffering from diabetes in the Middle East and North Africa. The irony is that 50% of the cases are undiagnosed. And they believe that the cases could double in the next twenty years.
Lifestyle in the gulf
According to my observations the climate is hot, and so, many people stay indoors.  But November to April sees the climate more pleasant and enjoyable. I hope we can put a good…

Smoking Can Cause Heart Problems For Your Kids

Do you smoke? Then pause a moment to listen to what I have to say? Your smoking habit could affect your child, and cause damage that persists even in adulthood. Scary is it not? So before you light up that cigarette, think about the future of your child. Researchers say that parents should not smoke, if they want to provide the best long term cardiovascular health for their children.
Smoking is dangerous
In a nutshell, researchers measured the blood cotinine levels of participants, from samples frozen and collected in 1980. These persons were participants of an earlier study.
Now, cotinine is a biomarker of passive smoking, the unwanted inhaling of cigarette smoke, by people who do not smoke. The researchers found zero levels of cotinine in non-smoking households. The cotinine levels were higher in the blood samples of children, when both their parents smoked.
The high levels of cotinine in blood samples, could increase the risk factor of developing carotid plaques in adulthood, for those …

Amazing Healthy Breakfast Ideas From Guptaji's Family

Seems like Guptaji’s family members are friendly, especially Mrs. Gupta. I think she enjoys having guests, and entertains them with her amazing home cooked food. How I wish I could have a personality like her, well, I am a bit of a loner and am very comfortable being all by myself, especially with a good book in hand, where I escape to another Universe.
Kellogg’s healthy breakfast ideas
I checked their Facebook page and found some really mouthwatering recipes. People who eat cereals regularly have healthy body weights, lower cholesterol levels and high nutrient intake.
Walnut Corn Flakes Choco balls The main ingredients in this recipe are dark chocolate, milk chocolate and walnuts. My goodness! What a healthy way to start your day?
Dark chocolate It is a rich source of antioxidants. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. It improves your brain function.
They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts reduce the risk of breast can…

Happiness Boosts Your Wellness Quotient

“Happiness is making others happy, Happiness is there for you and me, The happiness you can’t buy with money, It can only be received, It’s free”.
I remember singing this chorus, almost yelling much to the annoyance of my Sunday school teacher, sitting in the front row, when I was a kid.
It is a beautiful feeling and a great gift from the creator of the universe. Studies say that money cannot buy you happiness. A Swedish study points out that people not materialistic things can make us happy.
Many people believe that becoming rich makes them happy. But, studies point out that it may be an ineffective means of pursuing happiness. Wealthy individuals worth $ 1 million or $10 million are not a bit happier even as their wealth increases.
Another interesting aspect to find happiness, say researchers is that experiences bring in more happiness than do material goods. So if you spend your money on trips rather than TV’S and on concerts over clothing, you will be a much happier person.
Two w…

Top Nutrition Ideas to Eat Smarter And Live Better

You are a successful professional, but it hits hard when you manage the family and work schedules. You find it difficult to prepare healthy meals at a short span of time, yet that inner voice tells you all about the awesome benefits of healthy food. What are you going to do? Here is some great advice from Harvard health scientists.
Top health advice
Harvard health professionals advise you
To forget all about whole fat milk and milk products, if you cannot go cold turkey, then try reducing the fat content step by step. I feel something is better than nothing.
Reduce your salt intake
Salt affects your kidneys, brain and heart, so say a big no-no for excess salt.
Pack your own lunch
Do this at least once a week, plan your weekly menu and do your weekly grocery purchase. If you have a plan charted out for the course of the week. Then it will come in handy during your busy schedule. You can jot it down and stick it onto your refrigerator.
Include more veggies and fruits
Include 5 or more servings …

Together- Good Social Relationships Promote Your Optimism And Health

Having lots of friends, especially the ones who are positive and spread positive vibes around you, can promote your health and wellness quotient. Have lots of friends who are positive, so that you can enjoy this beautiful journey called life.

Beautiful memories
It was back in those good old days, just the kind of tales you tell your kids sitting by the fire, with the steaming hot cup of coffee in your hand. Those lovely memories, where you can even bring to mind the texture, aura, aroma and the atmosphere as good as new.
A Christmas story
My aunt was very famous for making handmade Christmas trees. She would make the framework, and then painstakingly cut the green glass paper into bits. She would tie them with a string, and make the most beautiful, awesome tree you have ever seen on this planet. OK, I am exaggerating a little bit.
After seeing her Christmas tree with all those nice decorations and lights, my primary goal in life was to make a beautiful handmade  Christmas tree.
The version …

Are You Salt Sensitive? Check Out

Are you sensitive to salt? This idea was new to me, but it is quite interesting! So buckle up, here we go! Health professionals say that even if your blood pressure is normal, excess salt in your food can affect your blood vessels, heart, kidneys and brain.
Salt sensitivity
Researchers say that, if the blood pressure increases during a period of high dietary sodium or decreases during a low sodium period, the person is said to be salt sensitive. If there is no change in blood pressure with sodium restriction, a person is said to be salt resistant.
Harmful effects of salt
I am not exaggerating, just repeating what the research studies say. Excess intake of salt through food can affect your arteries, and result in reduced function of endothelium. Now, this endothelium is the layer which lines various organs, especially the blood vessels and the heart.
If the endothelium is affected coagulation, platelet adhesion and immune function will be affected. Increased salt levels can result in arter…

Start A New Life- How I Realized My Untapped Potential

A new beginning…. A new dawn…. A new hope… A new chapter… A new change… All this will be possible when you feel- Loved, valued, esteemed, accepted and cherished.
Ha, don’t think, this Swarnam has gone nuts. Just for a change trying my hand at poetry.
You know what? Poetry brings out your innermost feelings, those which lay undisturbed in the innermost recesses and the depths of your soul. Ouch! There she goes again. You might wonder.
“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes”- said the great American author Louis L’Amour.
Change is needed, though you like it or not, it is inevitable. Changes that bring out the best in you are to be welcomed. I am a health blogger, but circumstances lead me to become one.
Looking back, I was a good student in my school and college days, not very competitive, but always happy with my performance. I did not have any big goals, but lived each day as it came.
When I was a kid, I had a dream. In my dream I saw that I am carrying a basket full …

Peanuts Can Extend The Shelf Life of Your Heart

The whiff of the freshly harvested peanuts is heartwarming. During my college days I used to grow peanuts. The harvesting is the best part of it. You pull the plants from the clay soil, collect all the peanuts, where you feel the soggy earth in your fingers. And you finally harvest the peanuts. Beautiful memories!
Health benefits
Peanuts contain this amazing monounsaturated fats, which are good for your heart. They are also rich in vitamin E, Niacin, folate, protein, manganese and resveratrol. They contain oleic acid, for which olive oil is famous for. Peanuts are rich in antioxidants similar to fruits. Wow!
Peanuts a friend of your heart
A recent research study has found that all races- blacks, whites and Asians alike could potentially increase heart health by eating peanuts.
Peanuts are less expensive, more widely available and so it may be a cost effective approach to improve heart health, so say health scientists. The American Heart Association recommends eating four servings of unsal…

Look Up Stories- The Day That I Heard Life Speak To Me...

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
-Mahatma Gandhi
What a great thought from the Father of the Nation? I believe that optimism is the essence that makes life worth living for. The feeling of positivity not only raises the bar in your performance, but also has tremendous health benefits and keeps you in the pink of your health. Oh! How much I love to write about optimism!
Daily struggles and some harsh thoughtless words, from those closest can take the wind out of your sail. There was a time in my life when I went through a rough patch. Just doing my stuff day after day, enduring life and not enjoying it.
Then out of the blue life began to speak to me! It was a complete surprise, the least of what…

Suffering From Chronic Neck Pain? Meditation Could Be The Answer

I used to go to school by cycle in my childhood days. One fine day at the railway crossing, I bent down the railway gate when it was closed. But dashed against the heavy metal gate on my neck. From that day till now sometimes I suffer from haunting neck pain. So this study caught my attention. Hope this will be helpful if you are suffering from chronic neck pain.

Meditation may be the perfect answer to your chronic neck pain. Chronic neck pain may cripple your performance and may even lead to depression. You will be constantly suffering from it and others might not understand it.
A group of 89 people suffering from neck pain and stress was separated into meditation and exercise groups. The results were astonishing. Meditation significantly reduced pain when compared to exercise. It also greatly reduced pain related worries.

An earlier German study points out that yoga appears to be an effective treatment for neck pain and provides a double plus of improved psychological w…