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Start A New Life- How I Realized My Untapped Potential

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A new beginning….
A new dawn….
A new hope…
A new chapter…
A new change…
All this will be possible when you feel-
Loved, valued, esteemed, accepted and cherished.

Ha, don’t think, this Swarnam has gone nuts. Just for a change trying my hand at poetry.

You know what? Poetry brings out your innermost feelings, those which lay undisturbed in the innermost recesses and the depths of your soul. Ouch! There she goes again. You might wonder.


“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes”- said the great American author Louis L’Amour.

Change is needed, though you like it or not, it is inevitable. Changes that bring out the best in you are to be welcomed. I am a health blogger, but circumstances lead me to become one.

Looking back, I was a good student in my school and college days, not very competitive, but always happy with my performance. I did not have any big goals, but lived each day as it came.

When I was a kid, I had a dream. In my dream I saw that I am carrying a basket full of veggies and greens on my cycle, and advising everyone about its health benefits. I woke up in the morning and told my family about this weird dream, we all had a good laugh and moved on.

But that dream still lingered in my memory as good as new. Life was good, And life went on. I did not have any big dreams, and moreover I am a very quiet and reserved person, always keeping to myself.

I completed my studies, tried for a job here and there for the sake of it. Got married, moved to another country, became a mother, and was a completely devoted homemaker.

But slowly my dream began to take root inside of me, I began to feel I had a higher calling. And one fine day I heard a TV preacher, Joel Osteen speak…

He said

God has a great plan for your future. You have to make a mark in this generation. You have to break ground to spread the kingdom. You are not called to live a life of mediocrity, you have a great purpose in life.

You are called to do something big. Dream big, aim big, set your hopes high, you are not anybody, you are the child of the creator of the universe, and there is royalty in your blood.

God has put seeds of dreams in your heart, work towards your goals, you have much to offer to this world, God wants you to be a blessing to others, don’t go to your graves without realizing your dreams and passions.

Be unique, do not compare yourself with others, run your own race, live a life of victory, abundance and success. Your destiny is great, the best things in your life are yet to unfold. God has a great purpose for your life. You are loved, valued and treasured by the almighty God.

After hearing all this, it was as if someone poured ice cold water over me when I am sleeping. I got up now a changed person, a more determined person ready to take on the world.

Slowly I started to write, I started a blog, and now people even pay for my writings. Some people have said that, after reading my posts they have adopted a healthy life style. I feel great. My journey continues…

Take care,
Swarnam is here to bring about a great revolution in the way we live. Watch  this video to gain more information about them.


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