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5 Research Proven Tips To Increase Your Happiness

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Happiness is the most amazing feeling you can experience, through your journey on this planet. It increases your well being, promotes healing and increases your immunity. Happy people are fun to be around; they spread this beautiful feeling radiating it on all sides of their environment. Here are five reasons that can make you a happier person.

Buying experiences

Enjoying life experiences makes you happy, so says a research study. Scientists found out that people stopped being happy when they kept wanting more and more and raising their standard of living. Individuals who had new or fresh experiences were happy as a hummingbird. Let us say you are redecorating your house, enjoy every moment of it and make memories. Never compare it with nearby Johns and sulk in your shell. You will lose your happiness.

Celebrating life with near and dear ones is a great way to enrich your life experience. Throwing a surprise birthday party for your kids or sweetheart makes them feel special. Since the Christmas is around the corner, I am planning a surprise party; these are the products I will be using for my party

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Spirituality can make you happy. I can guarantee you from my life, the feeling that you are loved, cared for and guided by the most powerful force in this universe, can serve as an anchor in the vast ocean called life. Researchers found that people who were religious were much happier than their non-religious counterparts. They felt more respected and had bundles of positive energy.

Your children can make you happy. If you are coasting the middle years of life, you would have very well experienced this firsthand. Research says that parents who prioritize their children’s well-being over their own are not only happier but also derive more meaning in life. The child-centric parents had greater positive feelings and less negative ones. 


Trust is the essence of being human. It seems the feelings of confidence greatly enhances the sense of happiness. Oxytocin is the trust hormone, and it increases the sense of wellbeing. Scientists found that the levels of oxytocin hormone significantly increased when women felt trusted, and they reported more satisfied with life and felt less depressed. It 's hard to pen down more about the feelings of confidence because it is so unique.


Being comfortable with who you are is the key to happiness, I found out it the hard way, I was so insecure that people who are closest to me took it for granted, until the day, I realized that it is a liberating feeling to be comfortable in your skin. The moment you have self-acceptance, the whole scenario changes, you begin to respect yourself, become brave and others start to appreciate you. Spirituality greatly helps in accepting yourself as you are, the knowledge that the creator of the universe loves you gives you an edge.

Apart from the above points scientists say that giving, having friends- the ones that will lift you up, exercising, appreciating and being a bounce back person can significantly enrich your happiness quotient.
So be happy and stay happy!

Take care,


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