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Chamomile Tea Can Increase Your Lifespan

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I planted a mango seed in a pot on my balcony. Soon the seedling grew and became a strong plant. I wanted to provide a proper home for it. And I started praying, within days my prayers were answered.

My daughter’s teacher sent a mail, saying students can bring any plant, according to their choice to celebrate, International day of biodiversity. The plant would find a home within their school campus.

Amazing! I happily packed off my mango sapling, and now it is happily settled in the large school campus, merrily singing to the tunes of the passing breeze.


Be it the humble chamomile or a huge mango tree, the creator has bestowed it with bountiful treasures for the goodness of mankind.

Scientists found that drinking chamomile tree was linked to decreased risk of death from all causes in Mexican American women.

Chamomile is the daisy like plant and it is used to make an herb infusion to cure various ailments. Its healing properties come from its pretty flowers. They contain volatile oils, flavonoids and other therapeutic substances.

It is a very ancient plant used for centuries in teas, it promotes good sleep and cures various stomach ailments.Various studies have shown that this pretty flower is bestowed with amazing health promoting properties.

It is useful in treating high blood glucose levels, diabetic complications, and high cholesterol and anxiety disorders. It has anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet effects

I have attached an amazing YouTube video about the preparation of the famed chamomile tea. Linda Bostock a medical herbalist, provides an amazing insight about the chamomile, and the preparation of chamomile tea.

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