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Spread a little cheer- Amazing transformation of a tar covered street puppy

Watch this amazing recovery after a little love and care is shown to this puppy who was covered in tar. Spread a little cheer.

Take care

Hope- Co-joined Twins Separated in Haiti

Just watch this amazing video and you will have your hope renewed.

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You Are Valuble

You are Valuable

This is a liberating truth that will boost your self confidence and increase your performance. Just spare 30 seconds of your valuable time by watching this video. And you will discover your true self. Be happy and live healthy.

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Amazing Health and Fitness Watch From Apple

You are well aware that exercise has a lot of health benefits. In order to assist you to increase your performance here is an amazing Health and fitness watch from amazon.

Curious to know all about it? Then watch this video.

Wear it in style and pep your performance.

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Vibrant Joys of Life to Enhance Your Wellbeing

4 Steroids of Interior Decor That Flushes Away Your Stress

Imagine this picture in your mind. After a tired day at the office, you come home and open the front door. You nearly faint because the house is in such a mess. This will add to your irritation, increase your stress levels and will affect your health adversely.
To prevent all this unnecessary problems, let me give you some useful tips. They are easy to put it into practice. I usually preach what I practice.
This is an awesome word, in other words, it means becoming a minimalist. If you acquire something, give away or sell something. So that you can get more room for your stuff. Let your motto in life be -simple living and high thinking.
Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day to Declutter. Carry a bag and walk through all the rooms. Whatever you find that clutters the space. Put it inside the bag. Then sort it out. 
If you want to throw away stuff, do it by all means, donate some good stuff for charity. You can also sell old stuff online or in flea markets.
A house free of clutter, is …

Smelly To Smiley- My Daily Battle Against Household Smells

“Household smells”- --- I think every homemaker has to fight against it. Smelly towels, smelly socks, smelly T-shirts, smelly shoes, smell of fish, onion, garlic and eggs. Ouch, I think the list goes on. You prepare a questionnaire and give it to ten 10 different people, you will receive 10 different answers.
Smelly stuff
Well, in my house I fight against these smells on a daily basis, especially with that of the smelly towels, smelly rugs, smelly shirts and smelly socks.
While writing this I remember a funny episode.  My then three year old daughter decided to experiment with raw eggs. It was a lazy afternoon, I put her to sleep, and was working quietly to complete my articles.
This girl got down from her bed and started playing with the eggs which was kept inside the egg tray in the fridge. She carefully took a couple of eggs and broke it down with a thud and a splash, in the middle of the hall.
Knowing that I would make a huge fuss, she wiped it with a nearby rug and some dirty laundry…

4 Tasty Rice Varieties to Try Out For This Summer

Summer is a time for fun, family and lazy afternoons. It is a season where you have all the time in the world to spend with your kids. To help you finish off your cooking faster and spend those lovely moments with your kids, and at the same time prepare healthy dishes, here are some top food ideas for you.
Lime rice
Here is the method for the preparation of lime rice. Extract the juice from lime and mix with cooked rice. Roast and powder fenugreek and add to rice. Heat oil in a kadai or a thick bottomed vessel fry some Cashew nuts and remove.
Next, add curry leaves, mustard, asafetida, red chilies, a tsp each of black gram dhal and Bengal gram dhal. When they have turned golden brown, remove from fire and add to rice. Mix well, add nuts and serve hot.  This is a recipe I learnt in my nutrition class years back.
Curd rice

The curds are very good for this summer heat. Beat curds and add salt. Chop green chilies and ginger. Heat oil, fry mustard and asafoetida. Add the curry leaves.
Add the …

Top 5 Vibrant Essential Oils to Boost Your Beauty Quotient

A healthy, glowing skin can add sparkle to your life. To have a great skin, you can replenish it with essential oils which are a nature’s gift to you. Here are 5 essential oils that can be used to nourish and pamper your skin. So get ready here we go…

Rose oil
It has a very pleasant aroma and is extracted from various types of rose. It can be used in aromatherapy when your mind is relaxed it releases feel good hormones, which can improve the beauty of your skin.
Rose oil can be used for treating acne because it has antibacterial property. You can use rose oil in your DIY lotions and creams. It is good for dry and aging skin. Rose oil makes your skin soft, smooth and tender. What more can you ask for?
Carrot seed oil
This wonder oil has been used from time immemorial by the Greeks and Indians. It is obtained from the dried seeds of wild carrot plant. It helps to nourish, lighten and rejuvenate your skin. Carrot seed oil helps in cell regeneration fades scars and improves the tone of ageing …

Ancient Secrets to a Beautiful Skin

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People your skin is your most precious asset. Smooth and supple skin makes heads turn. So treat your skin with the gentle care it requires, and see your confidence skyrocket to astonishing levels.
Tender, beautiful skin
In this post I will mention some really useful and easy tips which you can fit into your busy schedule.
Hydration- the first and foremost requirement for healthy skin is hydration. Drink lots of water, it flushes out toxins and keeps your skin moisturized and supple.
Healthy diet- the second amazing thing you can do for a glowing skin, is eating a nutritious food. Dietary vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, so say top nutritionists. Include a range of berries for a beautiful skin. Straw berries, blue and berries, raspberries and plums can work wonders for your skin.
Green tea is rich in antioxid…

Maggi Noodles Controversy- What Will Be Your Next Step

The Maggi Instant noodles story has spread like wild fire. It has taken some interesting twists and turns. One India reports that, a ruling party MLA has blamed the new generation mothers to be lazy. She says they feed their children two minute noodles, and is responsible for the rise in its sale.
Another interesting story has popped out, The Economic Times reports that Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta were sent notices for promoting Maggi Noodles.
Whatever the case may be the bottom line comes to you and your family. With the fast pace of life and the heavy workload both at the office and at home, it becomes difficult to prepare healthy dishes.
Harmful effects of lead

Regulators have found higher than allowed levels of lead in some packs of Maggi. This has prompted many states in India to ban it. Increasing levels of lead can affect the heart, bones, intestines, and kidneys, nervous and reproductive systems.
It can affect the development of the nervous s…

The Polynesian Islands Beauty Secret- The Vibrant Tamanu Oil

The Thailand pavilion in the Dubai Global Village is a censure of all eyes. It contains some of the exotic things you cannot find anywhere on this planet. The Polynesian Islands are home to some of the best kept beauty secrets of this world. One such secret is the Tamanu oil. Wondering what is it? Then sit tight and read this post.
Tamanu oil
It is a sweet smelling dark green colored oil obtained from the kernel of the Tamanu fruits. This oil possesses natural healing properties and it is anti-neuralgic (nerve pain), anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-microbial and has anti-oxidant properties.
You will be more fascinated about the Tamanu oil production. The fruits taste similar to apple. It contains a large nut in its center with a kernel inside.
The kernel is dried in the sun for about two months. It becomes sticky with dark, thick, rich oil. The oil is then removed using a simple screw press. 
Though the oil is dark green, thick and luxurious it is well absorbed into the skin, leaving …