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4 Steroids of Interior Decor That Flushes Away Your Stress

Imagine this picture in your mind. After a tired day at the office, you come home and open the front door. You nearly faint because the house is in such a mess. This will add to your irritation, increase your stress levels and will affect your health adversely.

To prevent all this unnecessary problems, let me give you some useful tips. They are easy to put it into practice. I usually preach what I practice.


This is an awesome word, in other words, it means becoming a minimalist. If you acquire something, give away or sell something. So that you can get more room for your stuff. Let your motto in life be -simple living and high thinking.

Spend at least 5-10 minutes a day to Declutter. Carry a bag and walk through all the rooms. Whatever you find that clutters the space. Put it inside the bag. Then sort it out. 

If you want to throw away stuff, do it by all means, donate some good stuff for charity. You can also sell old stuff online or in flea markets.

A house free of clutter, is half the battle won against stress and depression.

Clean open spaces

Proper arrangement of furniture is half the job done to create clean open spaces. It would be wise to use multipurpose furniture to save the space. Always arrange the furniture close to the wall. So that it gives an impression of large open spaces.

On weekends you can just finish off this arrangement of furniture within an hour. Just chart out a picture of how you are going to arrange your furniture. And then start to work.

You will be amazed at the results and will reap the fruit of your labor, in the form of peace of mind.

Cool colors

Colors speak louder than words. It can determine the emotions of your house. Adding some cool colors to your inner décor can help you to reduce your stress levels.

Colors such as Lavender, pale gray, cool blue, aqua, pale pink, pale green and grayish blue can change the ultimate mood of your house from tensed to a relaxing, stress free and peaceful one.

Adding greenery

A speck of green here and there can increase the soothing atmosphere in your home. It can boost your health quotient and wellbeing.
You can ask a wise gardener about this or read this article to have a clear idea about indoor plants.

Plants that require low maintenance would be a great idea if both the partners are working. So you will have more time to relax and reap the benefit of peace of mind.

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