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Smelly To Smiley- My Daily Battle Against Household Smells

“Household smells”- --- I think every homemaker has to fight against it. Smelly towels, smelly socks, smelly T-shirts, smelly shoes, smell of fish, onion, garlic and eggs. Ouch, I think the list goes on. You prepare a questionnaire and give it to ten 10 different people, you will receive 10 different answers.

Smelly stuff

Well, in my house I fight against these smells on a daily basis, especially with that of the smelly towels, smelly rugs, smelly shirts and smelly socks.

While writing this I remember a funny episode.  My then three year old daughter decided to experiment with raw eggs. It was a lazy afternoon, I put her to sleep, and was working quietly to complete my articles.

This girl got down from her bed and started playing with the eggs which was kept inside the egg tray in the fridge. She carefully took a couple of eggs and broke it down with a thud and a splash, in the middle of the hall.

Knowing that I would make a huge fuss, she wiped it with a nearby rug and some dirty laundry. And quietly left the place.

After some time when I entered the hall I could smell the raw egg all over the place, I really did not know where it came from, because it was practically everywhere. My God imagine my situation.

I had to act both as a detective and a cleaner to solve the mystery. These kids Phew!!

Awful smells

The husband is very particular and always wants and maintains a clean house. But I really could not understand his “turning the blind eye” attitude for smelly towels. God has given us two big and spacious balconies. But the husband hangs all his smelly towels inside the house. You discuss the matter with him a billion times, he nods his head thoroughly, but he always repeats the smelly towel thing.

So I just keep my mouth shut and dry the towel under the bright and hot sun’s rays where there is plenty of air and heat.

Smelly T-shirts and socks

The son is a great fan of football. If you allow him, he and his friends will play football in the mid noon, when the outside temperature is 45 degree Celsius. I think the temperature is even more in the summer months in the Middle East, where we stay.

It is really smelly when the boy comes after playing. I have developed a creative idea, and this works. I have kept an airy basket in my God given balcony.

So after the boy comes home after playing, I have told him to put his smelly clothes in that basket, which is kept on the balcony. In this way the house can be kept free from smells at least for today.
And tomorrow there is yet another battle against these awful smells…..

Disclosure-“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur

Take care


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