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Tasty, Tangy and Spicy Gooseberry Recipe

My son taught me this recipe. While they were playing football, one of his friends brought some spicy gooseberries, of which the boys had a feast.
The boy started pestering me to make such tangy gooseberries, of which I told him in no uncertain terms that I did not know the recipe, so he went and asked his friend’s mom, learnt the method and taught me.
Both the kids helped me prepare the tangy gooseberries, and advised me to share it in my blog. I gave them my word.
Gooseberries are low in calories. They contain flavones and anthocyanins, which fight against cancer, inflammation and neurological diseases. They are rich in vitamin C and is also a storehouse of many minerals and vitamins.

Rinse the gooseberries (6-8 numbers)
In a pan, fill some water and add finely chopped pieces of half an onion
Add two green chilies, and two red chilies
Sprinkle some salt
Boil the water along with the contents
Let it cool and after a while add the gooseberries
Let it sit for two days
After two days you c…

Free eBook Promotion- Hidden Nutritional Treasures of 75 Natural Foods

My second eBook Hidden Nutritional Treasures of 75 Natural Foods is available on amazon. The free promotion has started it runs from August 27th to 31st. So hurry up the the free sale has started. You can get it here 

Hope you read it and please leave your valuable comments on the customer review section. This eBook contains a lot of wonderful health information, You will be glad that you took your time to read it.

Take care,

Silly Moments

Silly moments in life can bring laughter. The more you laugh, the higher you will be in the pink of health. This is the simple mantra in life. These silly moments were frozen in the sands of time.

This monkey enjoys some tasty bread and jam.

Take care,

Doodle Your Way to Good Health

Art and creativity can be of immense help in promoting your health. Even doodling on a sheet of paper can have a profound positive effect on your problem-solving ability, says Sunni Brown author of The Doodle Revolution: Unlock The Power to Think Differently.

Art can reduce depression and stress and can produce a positive spin on your psychological health. Here are some great photographs of art pieces that I collected during my vacation.

This photograph was taken at Big Foot in Goa

This photograph was taken at Natarassan Hotel in Chennai

This photograph was taken at the Kumararaja Palace hotel in Valparai, Tamil Nadu.

Kari Heron writes in the Wknd magazine that life is not about all or nothing. It is about being flexible and doing the best each day. So enjoy the small pleasures of life to make your journey more joyous.

Take care,

Moments of serenity on the lap of mother nature

Life can be pretty hectic. But you can find your own moments of peace and creativity if you spend some time with nature. The kids had summer holidays, so we went to my home country to visit the near and dear ones.

My father is a retired medical professional, it was amazing to see how he uses his time. Early in the morning he goes to the upstairs for meditation. After which he feeds some wild pigeons. It is really humbling to see the pigeons religiously waiting for the grains and having a feast.

Having eaten to their heart's fill. They fly away to enjoy their day.

I believe a few moments on the lap of mother nature can boost your wellness quotient a hundred fold.

Take care, Swarnam