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7 Best Practices That Boost Your Success Quotient

7 Best Practices That Boost Your Success Quotient

Bill Gates- “I do the dishes every night- other people volunteer, but I like the way I do it”. This was his answer when asked about what he enjoys doing that no one would expect from him.
Here, one of the most successful persons on the planet talks about doing dishes. So apart from hard work and intelligence, there must be some underlying qualities that make a person rise to the top, right?
After a word of prayer and much thought, I have listed seven best practices that would boost your success quotient
v  Humbleness
v  Emotional intelligence
v  Letting go
v  Inner strength
v  Open mind
v  Forgiving


Experts say that people who rise to the top have a highly integrated brain finely tuned for creativity. Scientists say that optimizing brain function should be your priority. So how would you go about this? Dr. Travis a US Neuroscientist says that brain integration may be the inner factor that leads to outer success.

So how would you achieve this? Researchers point out that people who want to excel in any field should consider learning transcendental meditation. Now what is that? This form of meditation allows your body to settle into a profound state of rest and relaxation.

Scientists say that meditation help preserve the brain’s gray matter that contains neurons. Meditation makes the connections between various regions of the brain stronger and greatly improves the attention span. Huffington Post has named some mega famous people who cannot live without meditation and they include Oprah, Kobe Bryant and Arianna Huffington.

“Beauty is a gift, Intelligence is an investment, Wealth is a result and Humility is an achievement”- Lars Hindrics

Humbleness opens up so many new avenues for learning, but on the other hand arrogance prevents you from learning any new thing. The successful people are laid back and easy going, they don’t have to demonstrate it all the time.

Dr. Jeremy Dean is a psychologist and she writes humility or ‘quiet ego’ as she calls it can be very powerful, it soothes the soul, provides excellence in leadership, increases work performance and self-control.

If you see someone like Steve Jobs he was really humble, never showed off, he just continued working hard and changing the world.

Emotional Intelligence

Travis Bradberry writes in Forbes that, emotional intelligence affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

To be successful you need to have emotional intelligence, which is a flexible set of skills. The good thing about EI is that it can be acquired with practice. It includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. If you have people skills, it helps you to build great relationships with team members and customers.

The characteristics of emotionally intelligent people are
·         Not afraid of change
·         Being empathetic
·         Not perfectionists
·         Very balanced and
·         Gracious

Letting go

There is a powerful feeling of freedom in letting go which can catapult you to greater success. Some might think that holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. But the opposite is true in some life situations, if you let it go you can achieve more.

Think of a balloon if it is tied to a weight it cannot fly higher. But if you remove that burden it flies higher and higher into the heavens. You may be holding on to the pain, hurt, losses or unhappy residue of your own choices- let them go. Let go of your frustration, anger, bitterness, fear whatsoever that is holding you.

You will find new horizons and uncharted territories opening in front of you, to take you higher and achieve success in life.

Inner strength

It is a hallmark of success. When you refuse to satisfy harmful or unnecessary desires and abstain from negative reactions, it adds to your inner strength. Your inner strength is like a powerful engine that motivates you towards your goals, helps you to overcome laziness and procrastination. It helps you to become assertive.

These steps can help you to increase your inner strength
ü  Accept your weakness
ü  Reinforce your strong points
ü  Never compare yourself to others
ü  Focus on your positive attitudes
ü  Be strong in achieving your dream no matter what life may throw at you

Open Mind

“Without an open-minded mind, you can never be a great success”- Martha Stewart

Keeping an open mind attracts you to all possibilities and greatly enhances your success rate. You should be willing to consider or receive new and different ideas. Open mind means being flexible and adaptive to new experiences.

Being open minded is another valuable outcome of critical thinking and reasoning. People who are open minded will be receptive to new ideas which can boost their success rate. They may be also be ‘out of the box thinkers’ which forms the manure for creativity.

People who are resistant to change will find life less rewarding and dull which directly affects their self-improvement and success.


Shawne Duperon, a six time Emmy Award winning producer, international speaker, incest survivor and the visionary behind ‘The Project Forgive Foundation’ says
Forgiveness builds confidence, perseverance and responsibility. I think they are the essential fodder for success. She adds forgiveness is a long journey, not a linear process. Shock, anger, grief, acceptance and peace are the phases of forgiveness.

Research studies show that learning to forgive may improve our wellbeing. Scientists say that forgiving others protects women from depression. Forgiveness is a major part of relationship success. Good health and happy relationships can bolster our success quotient.

Take away

The term success has many underlying layers. In order to be successful be positive, think positive and act positive, because positivity breeds success.


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