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Warning Signs of a Serious Eye Problem

Your eyes are the light of your soul. Here are some great tips from the Harvard University researchers to know about the warning signs of a serious eye problem. Protect your eyes and if you sense any of the symptoms, a visit to your ophthalmologist is highly recommended.
·  Change in iris color
·  Crossed eyes
·  Dark spot in the center of your field of vision
·  Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects
·  Double vision
·  Dry eyes with itching or burning
·  Episodes of cloudy vision
·  Excess discharge or tearing
·  Eye pain
·  Floaters or flashers
·  Growing bump on the eyelid
·  Halos (colored circles around lights) or glare
·  Hazy or blurred vision
·  Inability to close an eyelid
·  Loss of peripheral vision
·  Redness around the eye
·  Spots in your field of vision
·  Sudden loss of vision
·  Trouble adjusting to dark rooms
·  Unusual sensitivity to light or glare
·  Veil obstructing vision
·  Wavy or crooked appearance to straight lines

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