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How to Protect Your Baby's Skin

Being a mom is a wonderful feeling, all the hard work you put in thrives before your very own eyes, in the form of your kids. I met my friend after 13 long years, the first thing we talked is about our kids. So you guess how our kids intermingle with our lives. The first years of a baby are very important. It lays the foundation for a whole life cycle.
In this post, I am going to tell you about 5 things that boost the skin health of your baby. üSleep üFresh air and sunlight üOrganic products üBaby massage üMoisturizer
Sleep is essential for the healthy growth of the baby. A good night’s sleep boosts the immune system of the baby. If you use a cloth diaper, the baby’s sleep gets affected. If the baby wets the bed, the cloth diaper becomes wet and disturbs the sleep of the baby.
Pampers, on the other hand, gives a dry feeling because it has a more absorbing capacity. So your baby sleeps really well. Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is

Top 5 Ideas to Keep Your Baby's Skin Safe

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High up in the heavens, there is a huge treasure chest, filled with many wondrous and sparkly precious stones. An angel gently wraps each precious stone and blows down to earth where it descends like an innocent little baby. Whether you believe this story or not, each little bundle of joy that enters into this world is heaven sent.
It is a pleasure to protect this little baby from heaven and to keep its soft skin safe, so here I have listed 5 ways to ensure complete protection of your baby’s skin. Before we get to the details I want to share an important information with you.

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The Joys of Real Togetherness

Real togetherness, the real joys of life lies in the live emotions, feelings and face to face interactions. You do not enjoy the ultimate essence of life in the digitalized world though it is true that it is very essential, but the shackles of digitalization prevent you from enjoying your real journey called life. 
Your inner man feels undernourished and un-cared for, so in order to nourish your inner soul, you have to discover the joy of togetherness.
My Story
The expat life is a very difficult one, you invest so much of time and energy into a friendship and after a couple of years you hear, “We are shifting back to India or we are moving to the US”. There is no stability in an expat life.
When the kids were small, I used to put them in a pram and go for long evening walks. Slowly I became friends with the other moms who used to come for walking, it was such a wonderful time.
We used to meet up in the evenings with the kids in tow and go for long walks. There was an exchange of recipes, …

The role played by roommate finder service provider to get the best rented home

Finding a new home to settle in can be quite stressful. Shanaya Mehta gives you some wonderful tips about finding the best rented home. Hope you find the tips useful.

The role played by roommate finder service provider to get the best-rented home There is no doubt that the task of search a roommate in the big cities is not only difficult but also a very time-consuming matter. You may also find this task next to impossible. But, this procedure can be made a lot easier if certain guidelines can be followed. Numerous roommate finder service providers can be found out in the big cities that aid you in this entire procedure. You may find it difficult to understand their service, but the job is actually easy. This blog has to be read carefully in order to become familiar with the services of these organizations.    
The Motto of a Roommate Service Provider
The goal of a roommate finder service provider is to sort out a proper roommate of flats on rent in Puneby making provisions and through …

Lip Smacking And Nutritious Oats, Dried Fruits And Honey Protein Bars

The other day the husband came home bragging about some protein bars. Over a hot cup of coffee, he started to share more about those protein bars. Interested to know more about it? Then simply read this post, you will be glad you did.
It seemed that his boss used to bring these bars which his wife made for him. That day he shared the protein bar with my husband. And guess what? It tasted awesome.
Now I got hooked up about these awesome snacks and summoned up all my courage and made a call to the wife of his boss, and she was very friendly and shared with me the recipe. The next day she even sent me the protein bars neatly packed in a foil.

My! My! The taste was divine, you could taste the blend of dried fruits and dates, with the coarse and chunky oats and corn flakes. It was really awesome. And so I am sharing it with you.
Protein Bars
Take ½ cup of oats
½ cup of corn flakes
Almonds a few
A few walnuts
Dates or date paste according to your wish
Raisins a few
Honey 2 tbsp.
Sugar 3 tb…

Tasty Onion Sprig Dosa and Soy Nuggets Potato Curry Recipe

The pleasant climate has set in the UAE. The other day I was making hot dosas. I happened to chance upon the lush green onion sprigs that grew in my balcony. I cut a few sprigs and sprinkled on my dosa. The result a hot steaming onion sprigs dosa was ready within few seconds.
Onion Sprigs Dosa
Dosa batter (if you are not aware of it, you can obtain a ready made version of the batter from the Indian store) J
Pour the batter onto the tava or the heated pan
Add the shredded onion sprigs

Cook the dosa on both sides, serve hot.

I will give you a tasty side dish to go along with the dosa. It is an amazing combination.
Soy Nuggets Potato Curry
Half a cup of soy nuggets (soak the nuggets in water for 15 minutes before cooking, drain the water and keep it ready) Onion-1 Tomato-1 Potato-1 Mustard 1/2 tsp Curry powder-1/2tsp Chili powder-1/2tsp Turmeric powder-1/2tsp Garlic 2 pods Ginger 1cm in length (smash ginger and garlic) A sprig of curry leaves

Heat oil in a pan Add mustard a…

The Lush Green Spice Gardens of Goa

When you enter the Goan spice gardens, you are transformed into another world of lush green plantations, the aroma of exotic spices, the drizzle of the tender rain drops and you enter into a complete state of relaxation. The spice gardens of Goa are damn good in boosting your health and wellness quotient. Your stress levels are greatly reduced and you feel a new surge of energy.

The Shahakari spice farm in Goa can be said as one of the exotic places of the world.  Upon your arrival you are in for a warm traditional welcome with the string of colorful pretty flowers.

After a light snack on some crisps and herbal tea, you are geared up for an exciting adventure into the spice universe. A friendly guide explains to you everything in detail.

After a thrilling walk through the lush green spices, you can relish some authentic Goan cuisine served in earthen pots. The cuisine is prepared with the splendid produce of the spice garden, and the taste is heavenly.

If the weather permits you can e…

Tasty Exotic Fruit Rambutan Salad

The husband went to Hanoi in Vietnam and came home bragging about a tropical fruit, which tastes heavenly and has lots of thread-like structures on the outside. On our weekly shopping, we found that the name of the fruit was Rambutan.  
This delicious tropical fruit is a native of Malay- Indonesian region. Inside it has a soft jelly-like white flesh surrounding a single seed. It tastes like lychees.

Rambutan is good for the skin, nourishes your hair, it boosts the immune system, removes unwanted fat and boosts energy. It is used for treating dysentery.
This gem from the east can be made into a salad.
Split open the fruit
Add salt and freshly ground black pepper

Take care Swarnam

Doing Dishes - A Great Stress Buster

This news did not come as a surprise to me because I enjoy washing dishes. Well, let me tell about that later.

Scientists say that washing dishes calms the mind and decreases the stress. The study authors wanted to find out how the mundane activities in life could be used to promote a mindful state and thus increase an overall sense of wellbeing.
After conducting a study with 51 students, the scientists found that mindful dishwashers, who focused on the smell of the soap, the warmth of the water and the feel of the dishes reported a decrease in nervousness by 27 percent and were positively inspired to a great extent. Those in the control group did not experience any benefits.
Wow! That sounds great!
Coming back to my story.  After packing the school bags the kids go to bed, the husband practices his guitar or will start watching television. I, on the other hand, will put on my praise and worship music, especially the ones by the  worship leader Sinach and will start doing the dishes.
I te…

Stay Aware - Early Detection Plan Breast Cancer App

Happy October!
As you are aware October is the “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”! So I just wanted to inform about a new health app by the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a free app and it helps you to take proactive steps. It guides you about clinical breast exams, mammograms, risk factors, signs and symptoms and also self-examination. It reminds you to perform self-exams and schedule your visits for a mammogram and regular clinical checkups.
Here is the link to know more about it.

Being a woman is a great blessing. Being a wife and a mother you are the cornerstone of your home. So take care of yourself and start early to be proactive because the world needs you.
Take care Swarnam