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The Joys of Real Togetherness

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Real togetherness, the real joys of life lies in the live emotions, feelings and face to face interactions. You do not enjoy the ultimate essence of life in the digitalized world though it is true that it is very essential, but the shackles of digitalization prevent you from enjoying your real journey called life. 

Your inner man feels undernourished and un-cared for, so in order to nourish your inner soul, you have to discover the joy of togetherness.

My Story

The expat life is a very difficult one, you invest so much of time and energy into a friendship and after a couple of years you hear, “We are shifting back to India or we are moving to the US”. There is no stability in an expat life.

When the kids were small, I used to put them in a pram and go for long evening walks. Slowly I became friends with the other moms who used to come for walking, it was such a wonderful time.

We used to meet up in the evenings with the kids in tow and go for long walks. There was an exchange of recipes, ideas, stories, gossips about in-laws which made life spicier. But as I said earlier slowly some of the friends moved back home to India and some went off to the US.

We moved to Dubai from the nearby emirate and so the beautiful get to gathers came to an abrupt halt. Till then we did not have a computer at home, so I was far away from entering the digitalized world. But the son started schooling and having a computer at home became a must, along with the computer came the internet.

I heard from my friend who had moved to the US that she has started to work from home. So I tried my hand at writing, and soon was immersed in the digital world, trying to improve my writing skills. I had my hands full, looking after the kids, household chores and being a writer.

Soon I forgot the meaning of real friendships, and at some point began to shun people. But friendship came knocking for me in the form of my neighbor. One day my daughter’s teacher asked her to bring some germinated plants for her class activity.

So, I was carrying the little cup in my hand, on the way I met my neighbor, saying a pleasant good morning, she invited me to come and see her vegetable garden which she grew in her balcony.

I was reluctant to visit, but after a few more invitations I went over to her house to look at her vegetable garden. Man that was awesome. She offered me to help start my own vegetable patch.

It was a start of a beautiful friendship, and now if you come to our neighborhood, you can witness laughter, gossips, advice, exchange of recipes, and exchange of delicious home cooked food and smell the aroma of the real togetherness in the air.

This post was written for Kissan India for their Kissanpur The Real Joy of Togetherness Promotion.
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