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4 Science Backed Reasons That Cause Depression

Depression is not just singing away your blues. It should be taken seriously. Depression causes a persistent feeling of sadness and lack of interest. It steals away your zest for life. The life on the planet is a beautiful and precious one. Depression gives a feeling that life is cumbersome and boring.

So it becomes an urgent need to nip it in the bud. Below I have discussed some research-proven reasons that can lead to depression. So get out of the snares of depression and live your life that it is meant to be- happy, blissful, vibrant and holistic.

Poor Nutrition

A healthy diet is that which includes fruits, veggies, legumes and nuts. It is also low in processed meats. Guess what the good thing about healthy dietary practices? It prevents the onset of depression. 

Health scientists say that a high-fat diet may cause changes in the brain that leads to anxiety and depression. If you ask me, Mediterranean diet will be your best bet that prevents you from falling into a depressive mood.

Abnormalities of immune cells in brain

Researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem have found that major depression is caused by abnormalities in the immune cells of the brain. They say that microglia cells in the brain acting as first and main form of defense of central nervous system may be the key to causing depression.

But the good news is that, apart from medication, spending time in nature could boost your mental health. Ming Kuo a health and wellness researcher says that there are 21 possible pathways between nature and good health. 

Nature is a like a multivitamin which provides all the nutrients we need. So lose yourself in the lap of Mother Nature and be refreshed and nourished.


Research studies say that burnout and depression overlap considerably. When you are burned out everything looks bleak and your problems seem insurmountable. You are in a constant state of unhappiness and detachment.

If you feel burnout, then slow down, get support and re-evaluate your goals and priorities. Set healthy boundaries and learn to tell the golden word “no”. Many of us want to be people pleasers and go beyond our way and means to please others.

In this fast paced world, the last thing one has is the time for oneself or the ‘me’ time. Have some space for yourself and include rest and relaxation into your daily routine to avoid burnout and depression.


Now you might wonder how a humble cell phone can lead to depression. According to new findings cell phones can damage romantic relationships and lead to depression. Scientists give it a new term Pphubbing or partner phone snubbing.

The researchers found that when a person perceives that their partner phubbed them. This created conflict and led to lower levels of relationship satisfaction which ultimately leads to increased levels of depression.

Something as common as a cell phone can undermine the bedrock of our happiness- the relationship with spouses or partners. The next time you want to meddle with your cell phone when your partner is near, remember my advice, and give them all the attention they deserve. This will improve your happiness quotient.


You are here on this beautiful planet to live a wholesome, healthy and joyous life. If you find any of the above reason that leads to depression, take some time alone to hear yourself think. Make the necessary changes, slow down and be proud of who you are.

Break away all the chains of depression, negativity, and self-pity. Lead your life with a clear vision, new goals, hopes, dreams, and values.

Take care


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