Thursday, November 26, 2015

Flavorful Icy- Fruity Ideas For Leftover Fruits

I am not a great fan of being creative with leftover food. The other day I was watching FoodFood channel where the chef who anchors the Turban Tudkha program shared an amazing recipe chapatti-rice rolls made with leftover chapatti and rice.

So I got hooked up and tried my hand in being creative with the leftover fruits. Here are some great recipes for you to try.

Banana milk shake
·       Peel the bananas which have become over ripe
·       Discard the unwanted portions
·       Add some cold milk to the pulp
·       Mix it in a blender
·       Add sugar or a dollop of honey
·       Sprinkle some cardamom powder
·       Serve chilled in tall glasses.

Frozen fruit cubes

·       Wash the left over fruits, I used apple, plums and peaches

Cut the apple into pieces and make it a paste in a blender
·       Again cut the plums and make a paste
·       Remove the skin of the peaches and grind it
·       Take the ice tray and fill it with the fruit paste
·       Freeze it

·       Enjoy along with ice-cream

Hope you will try this tasty recipe

Take care