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Top Essential Oils to Give You a Youthful Glow Naturally

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Some women never surrender their youth to time. And I salute them. When you reach your late thirties, you just want to cling onto each passing day and secretly wish that time stood still. But that’s a far cry to what is real. Yet there is a way to fodder your anti-aging fight. I have some great information regarding the secret to a youthful and glowing skin. So sit tight, here we go.
Essential oils are nature’s way of nourishing and replenishing your skin with essential nutrients, so the skin looks years younger and has a healthy glow.

Virgin coconut oil
This magical oil rejuvenates your skin. The virgin coconut oil prevents the free radical formation. It keeps the skin from developing liver spots and other blemishes caused by aging and exposure to sunlight. It boosts the health of connective tissues and prevents sagging and wrinkles. The coconut oil removes the dead layer of skin cells. Due to this the skin becomes even textured and has a healthy shine. This wonder oil moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Pomegranate oil
Pomegranate is the symbol of eternal life and health.  This oil nourishes and rejuvenates the cells in the outer layer of skin and gives the skin a youthful appearance. Pomegranate oil contains punicic acid- an omega 5 fatty acid that reduces the inflammation of the skin. This oil contains amazing antioxidants that protect the skin against sun exposure. It is highly recommended for extra dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and sunburned skin. It hydrates the skin and gives it a soft feel.

Carrot seed oil
This oil is extracted by steam distillation mainly from the seeds of wild carrots. Carrot seed oil is rich in vitamin A, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is one of the top vitamins that has an anti-aging effect. Carrot seed oil contains carotenoids which protect the skin from sun damage and, therefore, fights aging of the skin. The antioxidants present in this nourishing essential oil rejuvenates the skin, improves the skin tone and makes the skin firm by promoting cell regeneration. Carrot seed oil gives life to dull, mature and wrinkled skin and makes it soft, supple and vibrant.

Lavender oil
The pretty blue, violet or lilac, lavender flowers which bloom on spikes above the foliage works its charm on our skin by the way of its essential oil. Japanese scientists found that lavender oil inhibited the generation of one type of free radical that causes much of the damage from the ultraviolet radiation. So lavender essential oil can be said as Queen of essential oils that fight the effects of ageing. This wonder oil fight against the common skin and nail infections and thus keeps your skin healthy, youthful and glowing.

Taking care of yourself not only boosts your beauty quotient but also increases your confidence levels. Having a positive self-confidence greatly enhances your success levels in the big wide world. So pamper yourself with these awesome treasures of Mother Nature and step confidently with a beautiful and youthful skin.

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