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Top Parenting Tips For The Holiday Season

I work from home and the thought of holidays for kids sends shivers down my spine. But yet you are a mom and have to put a brave face in spite of unforeseen circumstances that life throws at you.

Like the other day the daughter spilling half a packet of soap powder on the floor or the son breaking the expensive tea set while doing his scientific experiments. Well, these are the day to day occurrences that do spice up your life. Positivity is the only thing that acts as a saving grace.

Well, I hope your kids are enjoying their holidays and you are having an adventurous time too.

So folks here are some creative ways to have a wonderful time with your kids.
·       Making them read a lot of interesting stuff like fairy tales, science fiction and so on. They can exchange the story books with the neighbor’s kids to have a wider collection.
·       Watch YouTube to learn about arts and crafts and practice them.
·       Helping with the household chores
·       Collecting things like stamps, stones, and dry flowers.
·       Write stories
·       Enhance their mathematical skills. A bit of encouragement is needed on your part.
·       Have a jolly good time with their friends. After all, this is the essence of childhood.

Here are some amazing creative works of art done by kids. This beautiful flower of four hues was done by pretty Jagurathi my friend Rita's daughter.

This artwork of pretty tulips was done by my son Rahul.

Have a lovely time with your kids, because even before you realize it they will grow up and will fly away to explore this big, wide world. Make memories of every passing moment to savor the joys of their childhood in the sacred book called life.

Take care



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