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Be a Beacon of Hope For The Jie People of Karamoja

Being healthy is a Universal concept. But there are several disparities in this world. It becomes our earnest duty to help those who are in need. As a health blogger, I just wanted you to know about the sad health conditions of people, in Karamoja, which is in Uganda.
Harsh lifestyle
The Paradigm Missions a charitable organization working amidst these people of Karamoja describes their harsh way of living in its website
Karamoja is one of the poorest places in the world. It is a marginalized region, which is remote and least developed.
The rainfall is scanty, so there is drought, devastation, and no produce of crops.
The people live on the edge of starvation. It seems there was a famine in Karamoja in the last part of 2015.
The sickness and diseases are very common. 18% of children die under the age of 5.
Sadly 45% die at birth or inside the womb. I think that is a scary statistic.
The people are very poor. Under 20% of the kids go to school. Wi…

Can Wolbachia Bacterium Combat Zika Virus

Hope you would be aware of the Zika virus by now. The media is buzzing with topics related to Zika virus. The outbreak in Brazil in May 2015 brought it to the attention of the world.
But it was discovered way back in 1947. Scientists researching yellow fever placed a rhesus monkey in a cage in the Zika forest in Uganda. The monkey got a fever and the researchers isolated from its serum what was called as Zika virus.
Pregnant Women
Health professionals advise the pregnant women to take care. Data suggests that newborn babies of mothers who had Zika virus during the first trimester of pregnancy are at an increased risk of microcephaly. It is a condition related to incomplete brain development.
Can Wolbachia bacterium stop the spread of Zika virus?
It is an interesting twist to this horrifying scenario. It just occurred to me while I was working on this post.
So what is Wolbachia?
Wolbachia is a bacterium that has been linked to viral resistance. Studies say that this bacterium induces react…

Scientific Breakthrough By A 15-Year-Old Indian Born Teenager

A 15-year-old boy of Indian origin who lives in Britain has made us all proud.
He has developed a potential test for Alzheimer’s disease that would detect the possible outcome 10 years before the actual symptoms appear. This is pretty amazing.
Kritin Nitiyanandam has developed a Trojan horse antibody that can penetrate the brain and attach to neurotoxic proteins that are present in the very first stages of the brain, according to Telegraph.
The antibodies are attached to fluorescent particles and are injected into the blood stream. They can be picked up on a brain scan.
The antibodies developed by this Indian-born youngster, can travel through the blood-brain barrier, handcuff the toxic proteins and prevents the further development of Alzheimer’s disease.
Kristen submitted his awesome discovery to the Google Science Fair Prize. He has made it through the final. Hats off to this young inventor.
Kristin moved to Britain from India as a baby along with his family. He had hearing…

Do Scented Candles Pose a Serious Health Hazard

After a hectic day, scented candles with their mild fragrance and tantalizing aroma can soften the rough edges of your hard day. These beautiful mini versions of a fire glow set the ambience of a beautiful evening.
While I can keep on talking poetically a harsh scientific truth, wakes one up to the realities of life.
What happens when scented candles are burnt?
A research study by the scientists at the York University highlights the fact that scented candles may be hazardous to your health.
The scented candles, air refreshers and some cleaning agents contain limonene the citrus extract that gives a citrusy and delightful aroma when it is released.
But when it comes in contact with ozone some of it transforms into formaldehyde in the air. The research is a small scale study where the air quality was assessed in only 6 homes.
Anyway, an amazing revelation was made with the help of this study.
Health hazards of formaldehyde
Earlier research studies have pointed out that formaldehyde is linke…

Be Warned! Hookah Smoking Can Adversely Affect Your Health

Are you a person who smoke hookah? Then it would be good if you hear the scary details that recent research has discovered about the health hazards of smoking hookah.
According to researchers from the Pittsburgh School of Medicine, when compared with a single cigarette, one hookah session delivers approximately Ø125 times the smoke, Ø25 times the tar, Ø2.5 times the nicotine and Ø10 times carbon monoxide.
The hookah smoke is linked to lung cancer and other respiratory illness, low birth weight and other periodontal diseases.
According to health professionals, a 1-hour-long hookah involves 200 puffs whereas a cigarette is 20 puffs. If you want to know the health hazards of smoking just click here.
Can you imagine if cigarette smoking can cause so much harm what about hookah?
It seems that the volume inhaled when smoking hookah is 90,000 milliliters when compared to 500-600 milliliters inhaled when smoking a cigarette.
A healthy lifestyle would add years to your wellbeing and will he…

How to Massage Tired Eyes And Aching Neck With Stunning Relief

I was suffering from tired eyes and neck pain because of working in the computer for long periods of time. I just did not bother to do anything about it. Until the day, I saw my face on the mirror of how tired my eyes were.
I also suffered from constant neck pain and swallowed a Panadol to kill the pain. Taking charge of my life, I found these life-changing videos by Yasuko Kawamura.

The steps she talks about are very easy to follow considering today’s hectic schedules. Watch these videos, who knows it could be the answer to your silent prayers.

Massage and acupressure for tired eyes

The easy way to massage trigger points for neck pain and headache

I followed these steps and the results are pretty awesome. Hope you try these!

Take care Swarnam

Tasty And Nutritious Cranberry Blueberry Salad

Well, the New Year is here. I believe one of your resolutions would be about healthy diet. To give you more ideas, I am going to tell you about an awesome and healthy salad. So here we go.
The other day I went for my weekly shopping and found cranberries priced at a very low rate. Grabbing my chance I selected the best ones for my salad.
Health Benefits
The cranberries have awesome health benefits. They have an amazing array of phytonutrients, vitamin C and fiber. Cranberries protect from urinary tract infection ·Has plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits ·Boosts your immunity ·Optimizes cardiovascular health ·Gives antioxidant protection ·Has anti-cancer benefits ·Boosts your digestive health This is what I call, Wow!
Cranberry and blueberry salad recipe
Ingredients ·Cranberries ·Blueberries a few ·1 tsp lime juice ·Crushed pepper ·Salt to taste
Method (super easy) ·Wash the cranberries and slit them ·Add the blueberries ·