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Be a Beacon of Hope For The Jie People of Karamoja

Being healthy is a Universal concept. But there are several disparities in this world. It becomes our earnest duty to help those who are in need. As a health blogger, I just wanted you to know about the sad health conditions of people, in Karamoja, which is in Uganda.

Harsh lifestyle

The Paradigm Missions a charitable organization working amidst these people of Karamoja describes their harsh way of living in its website

Karamoja is one of the poorest places in the world. It is a marginalized region, which is remote and least developed.

The rainfall is scanty, so there is drought, devastation, and no produce of crops.

The people live on the edge of starvation. It seems there was a famine in Karamoja in the last part of 2015.


The sickness and diseases are very common. 18% of children die under the age of 5.

Sadly 45% die at birth or inside the womb. I think that is a scary statistic.


The people are very poor. Under 20% of the kids go to school.
Without proper education, the idea of a bright future remains a big question mark for these little kids of Karamoja.

As you can see kids mortality rate is very high and getting educated is a huge problem due to the extreme poverty.

Paradigm Missions

Paradigm Missions is a charitable mission seeking to help individuals achieve a better standard of living in their environment that is healthy, meaningful and progressive

They are a team of professionals from various walks of life who want to share their knowledge and skills with those who are less fortunate. They are making some remarkable changes in the lives of the people living in Karamoja.

They aim for a holistic development which is four faced, development, education, religious awareness and health.

They provide sustainable development through potable water, rainwater harvesting and encourage business through microcredit.

They provide schools for kids and teach literacy, numeracy, and vocational training.

They focus on preventive medicine. Teach the people about personal hygiene, sanitation and family planning. They treat the sick and undernourished back to health.

I think they are doing an amazing job for improving the lives of the people in Karamoja.

They have a clothing line and a non-clothing section to raise funds for the organization’s work in Karamoja. They are teaching the people how to sew to establish home industries in Karamoja. 

You can buy these awesome handmade products and be a part of the change.

You can provide financial support. Here is the link!financial-support/ctq4

You can also donate resources such as classroom resources and healthcare resources. Here is the link!donate-resources-form/c64g

You can volunteer by introducing them through social media, or selling their bow ties to raise money for the humanitarian projects which are underway in Karamoja. Here is the link!home/c10ps

You can volunteer to see and personally get a hands-on experience by working for the development of the Jie people. You can go for a short field trip and help with their projects.!volunteer/c1wuv

In this way, you can share your valuable knowledge with them and in turn get some life changing experiences.

Take care

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