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Tasty And Nutritious Cranberry Blueberry Salad

Well, the New Year is here. I believe one of your resolutions would be about healthy diet. To give you more ideas, I am going to tell you about an awesome and healthy salad. So here we go.

The other day I went for my weekly shopping and found cranberries priced at a very low rate. Grabbing my chance I selected the best ones for my salad.

Health Benefits

The cranberries have awesome health benefits. They have an amazing array of phytonutrients, vitamin C and fiber.
Cranberries protect from urinary tract infection
·       Has plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits
·       Boosts your immunity
·       Optimizes cardiovascular health
·       Gives antioxidant protection
·       Has anti-cancer benefits
·       Boosts your digestive health
This is what I call, Wow!

Cranberry and blueberry salad recipe

·       Cranberries
·       Blueberries a few
·       1 tsp lime juice
·       Crushed pepper
·       Salt to taste

Method (super easy)
·       Wash the cranberries and slit them
·       Add the blueberries
·       Sprinkle some lemon juice and salt
·       Add some pepper powder
·       Garnish it with coriander or parsley
You have got an awesome, nutritious salad ready in a jiffy.

Take care


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