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How Cheat Meals Impact Your Health

How Cheat Meals Impact Your Health: Cheat meals are a great way to break the monotony of dieting. This allows you to satisfy your food cravings without hindering your dieting plan. It helps you to enjoy what you like once in a way.

The purpose of cheat meals is to add extra calories to your current plan. They can be a great tool to help carve your physique.

Gastronomical Delights of Middle Eastern Cuisine

Gastronomical Delights of Middle Eastern Cuisine: Middle Eastern Cuisine is very interesting, versatile and has a broad taste range. The flavors and the texture combine to give you a unique ethereal experience, which you can thoroughly enjoy.In this article, we will read about some of the top Middle Eastern Dishes. So be prepared for a gastronomical delightful adventure.

King of Super Fruits Baobab: Amazing Health Benefits

King of Super Fruits Baobab: Amazing Health Benefits: Baobab tree is known as the tree of life. It provides food, clothing, shelter and water for both humans and animals in the Savannah regions of Africa.

The baobab fruit has a velvety shell and is the size of a coconut. It tastes between grapefruit, vanilla and pear. It is the only fruit that dries on the branch. The baobab pulp dehydrates naturally in the shell.

Amazing Differences Between Probiotics and Prebiotics

Amazing Differences Between Probiotics and Prebiotics: It is essential that we have good gut microbes to be at optimal health. The ideal balance between the beneficial and harmful bacteria is 85% and 15%. If this delicate balance is maintained. We can optimize our gut health.
Here is where the probiotics and prebiotics come into play.

Stunning Health Benefits of Ginger

Stunning Health Benefits of Ginger: A steaming hot cup of ginger tea on a cold winter day will keep flu and cold at bay. Ginger the pungent, spicy and aromatic spice is a great addition to your curries and other dishes.
After reading this article, hope you will add ginger to your cooking. This will enhance the flavor and give a new zest to your stir fries.

Couch Potatoes Risk Smaller Brains

Couch Potatoes Risk Smaller Brains: This finding could not have come at a better timing. The modern day life turns many of us into couch potatoes. After hectic hours of doing work at the office, traffic and house hold chores, the last thing you want to do is exercise.
It pays to put effort into taking care of your health. This may be tough now but exercising helps you to reap a rich harvest later in life.

Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Baby's Gut Microbiome

Top 5 Foods to Enhance Your Baby's Gut Microbiome: Your little one is a precious gift sent down from the heavens. It brings great joy and warmth to our heart, to see these babies grow into happy and healthy kids.
The food that a baby eats can have a tremendous effect on his gut microbes. If this sounds new, then read along to find out more.

5 Healthiest Red Foods For Valentine's Day

5 Healthiest Red Foods For Valentine's Day: Red is the color of fire and blood. It symbolizes love, joy and strength. Nutritionally speaking red colored foods provide you with plenty of natural goodness.
According to National cancer institute, deep red to pink colored fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet every day. These foods are rich in lycopene which reduces the risk of cancer.

5 Emotions That Boost Your Romantic Quotient

5 Emotions That Boost Your Romantic Quotient: Precious little moments of tender loving care can strengthen the beautiful bond of love. The best emotion that a person can possibly experience is love. Here are 5 passionate and heartwarming emotions that hold together the golden chord of romance.
Research studies say that marriage is good for the heart, it makes people happier and promotes longevity.

5 Foods That Reduce Stress and Boost Performance

5 Foods That Reduce Stress and Boost Performance: Stress has become a part of modern life due to the hectic schedule. Nearly 40% of the Americans report overeating or resorting to unhealthy foods due to stress. This is quite a dangerous statistic.
Here are 5 healthy foods that will reduce the stress levels and increase your performance levels.

Laughter The Essence of Happy Marriage

“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

Tomorrow is our wedding day. I look back at the 13 beautiful years of our marriage with gratefulness and a thankful heart. There have been so many good memories and the not so good ones. But still, all these have made the marriage stronger and the bond tighter.
The husband has a superb seventh sense, I do not know whether to say that it is telepathy or not. But this literally stuns me.
We live in the Middle East, and during my first delivery, I came to my maternal house. I was admitted to the hospital, just before my due date because the hospital was quite far.
At around 1 AM, my pains started and you know what? At that very moment, the cell phone began to ring. It was my husband calling from Dubai. I was really stunned. There are so many instances similar to the above one.
Once we were in Goa and we trekked the mountains to reach the Doodhsagar waterfalls. My son was a little kid at that time a…