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Be Your Own Boss- Stella & Dot's Stylist Oppurtunity

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Thinking of becoming your own boss? Then Stella &Dot’s Stylist opportunity is the best fit for you. The best part is that you sign up in April for $199 and get $750 in free accessories. The other important features of this program are Ø25%-35% commission on sales ØShop at a discount of 50% ØGet tons of free products and perks ØYou choose your own working hours ØYou are provided with valuable training and support.
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Sign up as a Stella & Dot Stylist for $199 and get $750 in FREE accessories when you sign up in April!
Sign-up options are as follows:

Online and On-The-Go Sign-up: $199 for $450 in Sample Credit
Trunk Show Essentials Sign-up: $499 for 1,100 in Sample Credit
Business Builder Sign-up: $699 for $1,600 in Sample Credit
Benefits of becoming a stylist • An incredible business to call their own
• The ability to work fr…

Tasty Avocado Milk Shake Recipe

Avocado Milk Shake Recipe
Ingredients Avocadoes – 2 Milk- 3 cups Honey – 2 teaspoons Method Scoop out the flesh out of the fruit. In a blender add the scooped out avocado and milk. Blend it well. Add the honey. Pour out into tall glasses and serve.
Health benefits of avocados
üAvocados are rich in vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. üThey contain more potassium than bananas. üThey are loaded with heart-healthy monosaturated fatty acids üThey are loaded with fiber üThey greatly reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. üAvocados boosts your immunity quotient üThe healthy fat present in avocados helps you to absorb nutrients from plant foods üThey boost your eye health üThey help to prevent cancer and relieve the symptoms of arthritis and üAbove all it helps in weight loss.
You better give it a try. Take care

Vitamin D3 Can Boost Your Heart Function

Heart failure affects more than 23 million people worldwide. This condition affects people of all ages. But is more common in older people.
 While this may be a great source of concern. A new research study offers hope.  The study points out that vitamin D3 can greatly improve heart function. According to the researchers, vitamin D3 strengthens the heart muscle of people with heart muscle weakness.
Vitamin D3 gets its boost by exposure to the sun. The study included 160 patients who suffered from heart failure and were undergoing treatment.
One group of participants were given vitamin D3 and the other group was given a placebo or dummy tablets. This continued for a period of one year.
A cardiac ultrasound was used to note the changes in the heart function. The results revealed that the pumping function of the heart greatly improved in patients who took vitamin D3 supplement.
The researchers avoided the usage of calcium based supplements. As this would complicate matters for heart failure …