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Amazing Health Benefits of Apricots

Apricots the golden orange hued fruits bursting with beta-carotene are the first ones to welcome the warm summer months.
These golden orange fruits with velvety skin and flesh is a treasure trove of amazing nutritional goodness.
In this article, we will deal with the awesome health benefits of apricots.
Health benefits
Apricots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and flavonoids. Some of the important antioxidants are quercetin, catechins, and gallic acid.
Apricots protect your eye health. It contains the carotenoid lutein which protects the retina. This nutrient prevents age-related vision loss.
These wonder fruits contain catechins, which have anti-inflammatory properties. It inhibits the enzyme called COX-2 which is a key factor in the process of inflammation.  Thus, apricots prevent inflammation and optimize the immunity of the body.
They enhance digestive health because they are a great source of fiber. Apricots contain a healthy amount of soluble fiber in it. Health experts say that solub…

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Informative Healthy Eating Tips during a Summer Ramadan

A young mother asked me a question in whether pregnant women can fast during Ramadan. Since the holy month has begun, I thought it would be great if I write a post about healthy nutrition practices during this blessed month. Dr. Razeen Mahroof from Oxford says that “The underlying message behind Ramadan is self-discipline and self-control, "This shouldn’t fall apart at the end of the day." Nutrition üGo in for a balanced diet üYour food intake should be simple and not differ too much from your normal diet. Include foods from all the food groups. üMilk and dairy products üFruits and veggies üBread, cereals, and potatoes üMeat and fish üFoods that contain, fats or sugar. üInclude complex carbohydrates because they burn energy slowly during the long fasting hours. Some examples include üWheat üBarley üOats üMillet üBeans üWholemeal flour and üBasmati. üGo in for fiber rich foods that are digested slowly. üCereals