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How To Catch Up On The Lost Growth Of Your Child (Gymboree's new back to school collection)

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Gymboree has partnered with Stitch Fix and has brought out an amazing collection highlighting their back to school bundles. Here are some samples just for you. 

Back to School Bundles Created by Stitch Fix

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Gymboree Children's Clothing

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So what are you waiting for? Dress your kids in these stunning collections.

Now let's move on to the post.

How to catch up on the lost growth of your child.

One day in a picnic outing all of us mothers were sitting and chatting while the kids were having the time of their lives. But the happy atmosphere became rather grim when one of my friends blurted out to another “your child looks so small for her age”.

This problem was the very thing that the mother was so concerned about, and when someone pointed out in a public setting, she felt embarrassed. It was just an innocent remark but produced some undesirable consequences.

Rather than people poking silly questions, it is more important that kids reach correct weight and height for their age. A healthy diet and regular physical activity can improve mood, sharpen the mind and stabilize energy levels. These maximize the potential of kids both academically and in extracurricular activities.

Proper growth can ensure the development of strong bones, boosts brain performance, increases confidence and encourages success at all levels.

Kids can catch up on lost growth by proper food habits.

As a mom, you are the most important person that can fuel their growth. If you’re a young mom hope, these tips will help you.

Increase lots of fruits and veggies in their diet. Fruits are the best sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Include five portions of fruits and veggies in your kid’s diet per day.

Milk and dairy products ensure healthy bones. 

Nondairy protein such as meat, fish, beans, and eggs peps up the growth quotient of the children. They are essential sources of iron and protein and ensures proper growth and development. You can go in for organic and lean cuts of milk.

Top food ideas that promote healthy growth

Plan ahead and then start your shopping, this will be easier to fit in healthy meals based on your kids’ liking on an everyday basis.

Homemade vegetable soup with a dollop of cheese
Chapattis with stuffed chicken
Vegetable fried rice and egg gravy.
Whole meal pasta topped with tomato, mozzarella, green peppers, and olives.
Delicious green smoothies
Include fruit salads; frozen fruits can also add variety to the diet.
Variations of parathas- palak parathas, methi parathas, cabbage paratha. Just play with your creativity.

Physical activity

You have to ensure that your kids get proper physical activity. Running and playing outside in the great outdoors boosts the growth hormone of the young ones.

Proper sunlight, fresh air, and the general positive outdoor atmosphere help kids to attain their maximum growth potential.

Along with good eating habits ensure you kids do not stay couch potatoes and watch TV all the time. These days kids spend most of their times on the computer. Plan normal schedules where your children spend some great time outdoors.

Be an example to them and become active yourself. Go for picnics, cycling journeys and camping. These will awaken their interest in nature and the great outdoors.

Be positive, remember life has its ups and downs. So your perseverance will one day pay off, and you will be amazed how far your kids have grown.

Take care



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