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DIY Patriotic Party Ideas From Dollar Tree

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Planning for a patriotic party for the upcoming Memorial Day or Independence Day holidays? Show off your creativity with patriotic deco mesh wreaths to welcome your family and friends. You can get all your supplies from Dollar Tree and put together this red, white and blue wreath.
Here are the things you’ll need
  • 14.25-in. Metal Wreath Ring
  • Plastic Necklaces
  • Deco Mesh Rolls (2 Red, 1 White, 1 Blue)
  • Patriotic Headbands, Signs, or Other Embellishments
  • Chenille Stems
  • Patriotic Velvety Bow
Now for the step by step instructions read this interesting post.

Patriotic Centerpiece

This red, white and blue vase is super simple to arrange, and you can Shop Patriotic Party Supplies at
Things needed
  • Four Assorted Patriotic Artificial Floral Bushes: Roses or Carnations
  • 3-pk. Patriotic Necklaces
  • 3-pk. Mini U.S. Flags
  • 2-pk. Patriotic Bows
  • Glass Jardin Vase
Read this article for step by step instructions
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