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9 Helpful Home Remedies For Stomach Upset

Upset stomach which causes a host of symptoms and may arise due to a whole lot of possible causes are tricky things to find solutions for unless you know the cause. Assuming you’re dealing with an uncomplicated stomach ache these solutions can help bring relief from the pain and discomfort that’s making you miserable.

Baking Soda Baking soda acts as a natural antacid and contributes to neutralize the excess stomach acids. It restores the pH balance in the body and contributes to breaking down food which makes digestion easier. Avoid taking baking soda in large amounts because it may cause high blood pressure. If you’re on a restricted sodium diet, it is wise not to take it as baking soda may lead to other health issues.
Take one teaspoon of baking soda, few crushed peppermint leaves and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix the above ingredients with ½ a cup of water. Drink this potion immediately with small ice cubes. If you suffer from burning sensation in your stomach, this combination…

Health Checklist For Women Over 40

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Anti-Aging Tips For Summer

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