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Rebecca Minkoff and Stella & Dot Elegant Jewelry Collection

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"Stunning, elegant, gorgeous" these are the phrases that rush through your mind when you see the brand new collection by Stella&Dot, in collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff an award-winning designer and internationally admired global lifestyle brand. Shop Rebecca Minkoff's Collection Here!!

Salient feature of this jeweled eclectic

This collection captures the spirit of downtown New York City, where Stella & Dot’s jewelry is designed and handcrafted with love.
“We wanted to give a distinctive, feminine strength to the collection by juxtaposing the innate elegance of jewels against statement silhouettes.”

The collection includes

Pixie Chocker

Pixie Chandeliers

Pixie studs

Cameron Charm Choker

Emory Pave Earring Set

Celestial Ear Climbers
Coming soon- Prisma Collection


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