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Janie and Jack's new holiday Mommy and Me collection

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“Inspired by a very special time of year, the J&J Holiday collection is a modern twist on timeless classics for picture-perfect celebrations, ” said Shelly Walsh, GM of Janie and Jack. “We hope the collection and our Me & Mommy video will inspire the whole family to express their own personal style and make holiday moments even more memorable.” 

About Janie and Jack

Inspired by a lifestyle of family celebrations and special moments, Janie and Jack creates covetable, classic looks with a modern touch. Janie and Jack is dedicated to beautiful design and great quality clothing and accessories. They also offer the perfect gifts for baby showers, birthdays and any occasion. Visit Janie and Jack shops nationwide for children’s clothing sizes 0–6 years and for sizes through 12 years. 

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Stunning Range of Christmas Party Supplies From Dollar Tree

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Searching for some DIY ideas to decorate your home for Christmas? Here's an excellent idea of how to prepare Christmas candy cane wreath from's website,

Christmas At The Tree: Everything is only $1

Christmas Candy Cane Wreath
Source:'s website
Materials needed Metal Candy Cane Wreath FormPackage of Glitter Chenille Stems2 Rolls White & 2 Rolls Red Deco Mesh Ribbon Procedure Using a chenille stem, secure a loop of white and a loop of red deco mesh together at the base of the candy cane.Tuck white mesh into the second and third rungs of the metal cane form. This will help give the candy cane cute diagonal stripes!Tuck in the first, second, and third rungs with the red, going back and forth two times (to create a thicker stripe, go back and forth three times) then alternate to the white. Continue …

Healthy Hair Tips for Beautiful Hair

Like your car, your hair needs maintenance to preserve its elasticity, strength, and shine. Here are a few tips for a healthy head of hair.

Tips for healthy hair
Pat dry
The biggest damage you’re doing to your hair is drying it wrongly. When your hair is wet, it is highly susceptible to damage. To properly towel dry, shake the excess water off and stroke your hair in the direction it grows. Avoid rubbing your hair with the towel.
Blow drying also damages your hair. Excessive blow drying hurts your scalp. Apply a thermal styling spray or detangler before you blow dry.
Brush your hair daily
"Gently brushing your hair [and scalp] before you hop in the shower removes dead skin cells that can clog hair follicles and inhibit new hair growth," Eva Scrivo, founder of the eponymous salon in New York City tells  This action stimulates circulation and brings excess oil down the hair shaft to moisturize ends.
Use lukewarm water
It feels good to take a hot shower. Hot water strip…

Recognizing, preventing and treating SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

Want to know more about winter depression? Take your seat, we’ll discuss it. Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that develops and goes off at certain times of the year. If you suffer from SAD, you’ll start to show symptoms from the fall. These symptoms may continue and get worse during the winter months. Some might experience SAD at different times of the year.
Symptoms SAD symptoms include ·Little energy ·Increased sleep ·Weight gain ·Depressed mood and thoughts ·Trouble in relationship · Feeling of heaviness in limbs with lack of desire to move and be active ·In severe cases thoughts of harming yourself or others
Causes of SAD
Your biological clock: The low level of sunlight in fall and winter can cause winter-onset SAD. The shorter days and decreased exposure to sunlight can lead to changes in your brain chemicals.  
Serotonin levels A drop in neurotransmitter serotonin might play a role.
Melatonin levels Changes in the season can affect your body’s level of melatonin. It plays …

The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition

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