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All You Need to Know About the Dangers of Talc for Your Baby

If you use talcum powder for your baby, then take a few minutes to read this article. Talcum powder is a mineral based product made up of elements like silicon, magnesium, and oxygen. It absorbs moisture pretty quickly and helps to cut down on friction. 
Mothers use it to keep their babies’ bottom dry and rash free. So far so good. But health experts warn you about the dangers of talc for your baby. 
The American Academy of Paediatrics advises that talcum powder can cause breathing trouble and severe lung damage for babies if your baby inhales the particles. Talc powders contain minute granules which can quickly pass through your babies’ airways.
If your baby inhales the tiny particles, it can lead to lung irritation and respiratory distress. Even asbestos free talcum powder can irritate and inflame your baby’s nasal airways.
The results can be more drastic if your baby is at high risk of respiratory illness. The high risk includes premature babies, babies who've had many respiratory …

All You Need to Know About Hair Extension Cautions

Are you planning to go in for hair extensions to inject life, fullness, and length into your sad looking locks? Be known that the health hazards of this beauty treatment outweigh its rewards.
"There are people who use hair extensions without complaint. But extensions add excess weight, pulling on the hair, which can lead to damage to the hair follicles," Dr. Orly Avitzur Medical Advisor for Consumer Reports tells ABC News.
Hair extensions may cause patchy hair loss, blinding headaches and sometimes permanent damage. The procedure may cost anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand.
Experts warn you to make sure whether the stylist attaches extensions using a method that is suitable for your hair type. You may develop problems if the hair extensions are connected too tightly or weigh too much.
The weight and the tension combine and place a strain on your hair follicles. This combined action causes your follicles to stretch out which results in hair loss. The…

Top 4 Advantages of Wearable Heart Rate Monitors

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When you workout your heart rate increases. If you monitor your heart rate, you can get most out of your exercise regimen. A wearable heart monitor can track your resting heart rate.
Regularly measuring your resting heart helps you to track your overall fitness over time. It helps you to plan some off-days where you should take it easy and let your body recover.

Here are the top advantages of wearable heart rate monitors
Heart rate monitors give you a definitive data. They help you to determine the level of effort to accomplish a given task and also the circumstances. For example the weather, machine or free flow, indoor or outdoor work out, effects of medication, effects of caffeine, time of day, sea level and fatigue.
A heart rate monitor gives you a clear indication and analysis of your cardiovascular system during your physical activity. You can share this data with your…

Welcome Spring With Gymboree's Follow Your Art Collection

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Getting ready for the arrival of spring? Welcome spring along with Gymboree. They are all set to greet this spring season with bright new styles of clothing for the tiny tots.
What is Gymboree?

Gymboree has been celebrating childhood for over 30 years, dressing kids from newborn to 12 years old. Gymboree offers colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections—quality clothes that let kids be kids.
Gymboree is proud to dress your family for the moments that matter most – offering everything from quality playwear that stands the test of playtime to coordinated dressy looks for the perfect family photo. – Source: Gymboree
So what’s so unique?
Not only do you get a stunning range of kid’s wear, but you can also enjoy Free Shipping at Gymboree.
You can get lovely $14 Dresses, $10 Denim, and $6 Tops, Shorts, Leggings at Gymboree
And if you have b…

Yoga- A Perfect Workout for Runners

Yoga is a stress buster and is a great workout for everyone.  But if you’re a runner, then you might get some huge perks from yoga. Due to its repetitive nature, running can cause musculoskeletal imbalances. Yoga helps to restore symmetry and balance to your body making it a perfect complement to running.
Physical effects of yoga:
Flexibility: Yoga stretches your tight muscles and increases the range of motion in the related muscles. This action results in increased flexibility, greater ease of movement and significantly reduced nagging aches and pains.
Strength: Chances are your lower body muscles might be stronger, while others remain underused and weak because of your running schedule. Be known that strengthening your upper body and core helps improve posture while running. A strong core creates a better overall form and yoga helps you to achieve this.
Biochemical balance: If you overuse some muscles and underuse some it might cause muscular imbalances. Even a seemingly simple yoga po…

DIY Easter Egg Wreath - Get Your Supplies from Dollar Store

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Easter or the Resurrection Sunday is a festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The egg is an ancient symbol of rebirth and new life. In Christianity, it became associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
Christians across the world celebrate Easter in varied ways. They include sunrise services, decorating with Easter eggs and Easter lily, egg hunting, Easter bunny and Easter parades.
Thinking of adding a splash of color to your home? You can find Easter Crafts, Supplies, and More At Dollar Tree! 
 To decorate your home for this beautiful celebration, here is a classy Easter egg wreath that you can try out. The idea is from Dollar store. 
Buy your supplies from Dollar Tree because everything is just $1. Easter At Dollar Tree - Everything Is Just $1
Easter Wreath Source: Dollar

Materials required ·Three artif…

The Best Lip Moisturizer for Dry Chapped Lips

Best Lip Moisturizers for Dry Chapped Lips

Akar Skin - Ruby Tint Lip Butter
 HennĂ© Organics Luxury Lip Tint - All Natural Moisturizing Qtica Intense Lip Therapy Balm
 Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher
REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter, Strawberry Shortcake

Your lips are small and beautiful part of your body. They help you to eat, talk and communicate your feelings. Your lips are so tender, and they don’t have natural protection as your other parts of the body. It’s no wonder that you find so many products are targeted towards keeping your lips moisturized and protecting them from harsh conditions such as dry weather, cold winds and sun damage.

Moisturizing your lips is an essential part of taking care of your skin. When you smile, your lips must not crack or have a dull, dry appearance. Here’s where lip moisturizers come in. The best lip moisturizers add back the lost moisture to replace any natural oils that have been lost. They provide a protective layer to seal in the hyd…